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OraLiva Inc’s C-AIIDE is the first portable, programmable cytology platform for use at point of care.

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Transformative medical microdevice platform yields clinically actionable data anywhere

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AI empowered & data-driven fingerprints for early disease detection

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Powerful diagnostic ecosystem with potential to change standard of care

A Pipeline of Oncology Diagnostics Leveraging Cross Indication Biomarker Signatures

Starting with Oral Cancer, OraLiva Inc. will leverage its technology, diagnostics models and cross indication biomarkers to develop a pipeline of oncology diagnostics. Oral cancer diagnosis market penetration will validate OraLiva Inc’s multi-phased business model and create brand awareness in the target populations.


Elements of a Smart Diagnostics Platform

+ Integrated point-of-care sensor suite

+ Multiple data streams

+ Illness and wellness disease fingerprints

+ Intuitive reporting for both expert and nonexperts

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How It Works

Save $100k In Treatment Costs

About 10% of the US population suffer from complications of oral lesions. Today doctors and dentists lack trusted tools to evaluate these oral lesions. In far too many cases these lesions become malignant.

Late detection of different types of solid tumor cancers remains an issue resulting in higher costs for treatment, hospital stays, in addition to often disastrous patient outcomes. OraLiva Inc. has developed a novel cytology platform to detect the presence of oral, lung, esophageal and colorectal cancer using common biomarker signatures.


Powerful AI Methods Linked to the Largest Oral Lesion Cytology Databases

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International NIH study of 999 patients

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OraLiva Inc. sees cancer better than anyone else


This cytology platform has revealed 128 new variables for better discrimination

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