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The Future
of Cancer Diagnostics

Oraliva, Inc provides noninvasive, painless, reliable, clinically validated Al linked diagnostics for the detection of oral cancer and oral dysplasia. A point of care/near patient testing platform tecnology for a broad range of cancers.

OraLiva Inc. has developed
a next generation programmable single
cell cytology platform that is suitable for early cancer detection.

This agile platform allows for rapid expansion to a large menu of tests. In collaboration with the McDevitt Laboratory at NYU, large clinical studies have been completed to define signatures of early disease. OraLiva Inc’s first application is targeted for Q3 2023 in the area of oral cancer.


OraLiva Inc. saves lives and costs through early oral cancer detection.

Oral cancer is one of the most expensive cancers and one with the poorest outcomes.


OraLiva Inc’s C-AIIDE is the first portable, programmable cytology platform for use at point of care.

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