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Tim Alcorn, PhD

Regulatory Consultant, Launched Numerous FDA Approved Clinical Tests

Dr. Tim Alcorn is an experienced clinical chemist and molecular biologist with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career he has worked in a variety of healthcare sectors including reference laboratories, medical device manufacturing, medical software development, in vitro device development, and pharmaceutical development. He has extensive experience in infectious diseases having been the laboratory director at LabCorp’s Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology where he developed advanced clinical assays and ran a laboratory that generated over $50 million in revenue. In addition, he was Director of Clinical Affairs at Janssen Diagnostic Inc. where is helped bring new diagnostics and software to the global market to support the launch of drugs for the treatment of HIV and HCV. Dr. Alcorn has also overseen the development and global commercialization of medical devices including a handheld ultrasound device and wearable sensors for monitoring ECG and patient vitals. Dr. Alcorn served on the scientific advisory board for Roche Diagnostics for several years as well as other diagnostic companies. In addition, he has authored numerous publications, book chapters, and international clinical chemistry guidelines. Over the years Dr. Alcorn has also gained significant experience in global reimbursement, health economics, and commercialization. Additionally, Dr. Alcorn has experience in device and diagnostic regulations and has helped numerous companies develop regulatory strategies for their products. Currently Dr. Alcorn is an adjunct professor at the Johns Hopkins University’s graduate regulatory science department where he teaches courses in IVD regulation and translational biotechnology. Dr. Alcorn is a HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert and served as the privacy officer for a health medical records system. Dr. Alcorn started his career at the University of North Carolina working on sexually transmitted diseases pathobiology and vaccine development.

Dr. Alcorn has a Phd from the University of Sciences in Philadephia and B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Virginia.

Tim Alcorn, PhD
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