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Glennon Simmons

Engineering, Microfluidics, Assays, Entrepreneur

Glennon W. Simmons is an inventor, entrepreneur and creative problem solver with over two decades of experience developing and commercializing lab-on-a-chip devices, instrumentation, and immunoassays for in vitro diagnostic applications.

Glennon’s career has been devoted to developing compact portable diagnostic platforms that have potential to reduce cost and increase access to health care, while improving the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis. Most of Glennon’s career has been spent working for the McDevitt Laboratory, an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers conducting grant-based research focused on developing the programmable bio-nano-chip (p-BNC) assay system—a modular and programmable bead-based immunosensor platform for multiplexed biomarker analysis.

Glennon was the principal designer of the cartridge component of the assay system and developed numerous assays on the platform which has shown utility for a wide variety of application areas including cardiac and cancer diagnosis, wellness monitoring, trauma screening, roadside drug testing, anti-terrorism and threat analysis, and food and water monitoring.

Glennon particpated and was a major contributor to two XPRIZE teams that were finalists in the competition. Glennon completed his B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and is currently serving as the laboratory manager of the McDevitt Laboratory at New York University.

Glennon Simmons
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